Student Handbook

This Student Handbook has been compiled to ensure you are fully informed about what we offer in our programs. 

Welcome to All Health Training

All Health Training is a Registered Training Organisation established to assist those wishing to be involved in the health and aged care industries with their specialised educational needs.

All Health Training recognises that students come to the course with a range of learning styles, needs and vocational expectations. The learning experiences provided in All Health Training courses are designed to include a variety of learning strategies to:

•  Meet adult learning criteria;
•  Suit individual and group learning styles and needs;
•  Prepare students for future roles as a member of a work team;
•  Focus on the required competencies identified in the curriculum.
•  Assist all students’ to achieve course competencies and acquire professional qualifications.

This Student Handbook has been compiled to ensure you are fully informed about what we offer in our programs. Please read carefully and if you have any queries or concerns speak to your course trainer or course coordinator.

On behalf of the staff I wish you an enjoyable and productive time during your studies with All Health Training.

Faye Gray

 Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide professional, accredited and accessible training courses in order to increase your knowledge and strengthen your skills

All Health Training is an equal opportunity education and training organisation committed to freedom from discrimination, harassment and bias.
•  Provide a range of courses and seminars within the health care field and other industries;
•  Employ professional and appropriately qualified educators with up- to-date industry experience;
•  Deliver contemporary practical and theoretical training
•  Provide ongoing support for past and present students
•  Empower all members of the education team at All Health Training
•  Promote professional development at all levels;
•  Deliver accessible education to all clients and customers, both internally and externally; and
•  Promote quality training and education in the pursuit of excellence

Information/Application for Entry into Courses

Information related to accredited courses on All Health Training's scope of delivery can be accessed via the following methods:-
Phone     03 9894 3900

All Health Training staff are available to answer any queries related to individual courses, eligibility for State & Federal government funding and tuition fees.

For further information regarding vocational education and training, new apprenticeships and traineeships, training packages, Australian Quality Training Framework and study pathways visit the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website -

Other websites that may be useful are


Students can enroll online at or request a Student Application Form and forward the completed form by post or in person.

Once you have registered, All Health Training will contact you with the course commencement dates and request additional documentation to support your application. You are not confirmed on a course until this documentation is returned.

All Health Training reserves the right to cancel any course in the event of insufficient student numbers. Students will have an option to defer to a later intake of the same course or alternatively, a full refund will be made.


A payment plan can be arranged on enrolment.  Please note, All Health Training will not accept pre-paid student fees in excess of $1,000 prior to course commencement.

Payments can be made via:
•  Cheque - made out to "All Health Training"
•  Cash – in person only
•  Efpos & credit card - Eftpos & credit card (Visa & Mastercard only)
•  Direct Debit -  All Health Training      BSB 633 000        Account No. 130 370 125

Refund of Fees

Government Funded Students Refund Policy
If a student withdraws, by written notice, from government funded training at any time up until 4 weeks after the scheduled commencement date of the course, All Heath Training will refund the tuition fees paid in respect of the enrolment (less $50 administration fee), and any other fees and charges paid by or on behalf of the student. After 4 weeks of the commencement date, no refund is payable to the student.

Fee for Service Students Refund Policy
The following explains timeframes and charges when claiming for a refund:
• Prior to the commencement of the course a refund will be provided less $50 administration fee
• From course commencement to 4 weeks into the course a refund will be provided less 20% processing fee on the full cost of the course
• After 4 weeks from commencement date of the course a refund will be provided less 50% processing fee on the full cost of the course

Fees will be refunded on default by All Health Training when:
• The course does not start on the agreed commencement date
• The course ceases to be provided before its completion date
• The course is not provided in full to the student

Office details

Our office is located at Level 2, 29 Railway Road, Blackburn VIC 3130.

Our office hours for administrative purposes are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Should you not be available to see us during these hours, please call us on 9894 3900 to make suitable arrangements.

If you are coming outside of business hours please use the intercom system and we will “buzz” you in.

Transport & Parking

Our Blackburn training rooms are located directly opposite the Blackburn railway station and bus stop. If you are coming by car, there is plenty of 2 hour parking on the surrounding streets and near the station. Day classes will take regular breaks to accommodate moving cars.

Our Narre Warren training rooms are located at the Narre Warren Clinic, 103 Prospect Hill Road, just near the corner of Narre Warren North Road. The rooms are in building two (Specialist Centre) and is upstairs. There is plenty of car parking.

General Safety and Emergency Rules and Procedures

In situations where there is potential for cross-infection all standard precautions for infection control must be implemented.

All students must be aware of the location and correct usage of fire fighting equipment – extinguishers, hoses and safety blankets.

In the event of a fire or other life-threatening emergency, the trainer will direct evacuation. In such an event, students should take any valuables which can be secured immediately without danger, and walk directly out of the building in an orderly manner, via the nearest safe exit. Proceed to the indicated emergency assembly area as directed in the fire and safety policy of the building, which is a designated area within a safe distance from the building, and wait for the trainer to check the roll and give further instructions. Under no circumstances may you re-enter the building until you are directed to do so by the trainer.

Access and Equity

All Health Training is an equal opportunity education and training organisation, committed to freedom from discrimination, harassment and bias. All students applying for courses will be given every opportunity and assistance to enter into courses of their choice and supported to participate and achieve competency in all curriculum activities.

Using a variety of assessment methods, support will be given to each individual student to attain competency. If competency cannot be demonstrated as being achieved, the student will not be awarded a result of “competent” until they have met all of the curriculum requirements.

All Health Training is committed to offer all students the opportunity to access education and be able to perform at their optimum level in all courses. This includes students’ from the following categories:
•  Mature aged students
•  Aboriginal or other indigenous students
•  Students with disabilities
•  Concessional students

Harassment and Discrimination

All Health Training is committed to providing a learning environment free from harassment, bullying and discrimination. Unlawful discrimination covers the following:- age disability/impairment, gender and lawful sexual activity, marital status, physical appearance, political beliefs, pregnancy, race, religious beliefs.

In accordance with Federal and State legislation, sexual harassment and discrimination on the grounds of age, impairment, industrial activity, lawful sexual activity, marital status, physical features, political belief or activity, pregnancy, race, religious belief or activity, status as a parent, will not be tolerated.

Individuals who feel they are being harassed or discriminated against should discuss the situation with the All Health Training management.

Occupational Health and Safety

All Health Training is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for staff, students and visitors in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004.
All Health Training is accountable for the implementation of this policy and ensures a safe workplace and training facility is provided and maintained.

Staff, students and visitors are required to conduct themselves in a fashion that does not willfully contribute to the creation of hazards and injuries. Where an accident or hazard has been identified it is the responsibility of all staff and students to report this immediately to All Health Training management. When training is being conducted off site or at the client’s facility, the trainer will ensure a safe working environment before training is conducted.

Student safety is important to All Health Training. As such, we ask our trainers and students to abide by the following guidelines:-
• Students should not attend classes (including distance learners) for more than eight hours in one day
• Students are not required to attend any of classes (including distance learners) before 8am or after 10pm. Our day classes are from 9.30am to 2.30pm and our night classes from 5.30pm to 9pm.
• We advise students & trainers attending our night classes to leave together in a group and look out for each other’s safety. Blackburn training rooms are directly opposite the Blackburn train station and the streets are well lit. Narre Warren   training rooms are held within the Narre Warren Medical Centre, and have a carpark within 200 metres of the training rooms and are well lit at night.
• Should a student ever feel unsafe, please bring this to your trainers attention so that measures can be taken to maximise our students safety.

Student Code of Conduct

Education is a positive experience that empowers the individual and raises self-esteem. To enable all students achieve the best experience at All Health Training we require students to abide by our Student Code of Conduct as follows:
•  Each person’s rights are respected
•  Every student has the right to be heard and taken seriously
•  Every student has the right to open and honest communication
•  Every student has the responsibility to be prompt and not disrupt the learning environment
•  Every student has the responsibility to complete the assessments given to him or her
•  Every student has the responsibility to ensure that their assessments are their own work and they are not copied or plagiarised.
•  Every student has the responsibility for his or her own behaviour
•  When attending placements, students must behave in a manner that reflects the organisations’ philosophy, mission and vision
•  All Health Training reserves the right to refuse training to a student who is disruptive, aggressive, behaving inappropriately or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
•  All Health Training reserves the right to cancel an enrolment if enrolment fees have not been paid prior to commencement of training
•  All Health Training reserves the right to withhold on releasing a qualification or cancel an enrolment if a student makes no attempt to fulfil the course requirements and is not progressing appropriately after a written warning has been issue

• Mobile phones must be switched off during classes. Students are not to answer phones/text in the middle of class or leave class to answer phones. This is disruptive to the trainers and fellow students.

The Code of Conduct ensures that all students are provided with the right opportunity to learn in optimum conditions and that failure to adhere to the guidelines could result in counselling and in extreme circumstances removal from the class and termination of the enrolment.


Please be aware that the student resources supplied by All Health Training comply with copyright laws. As such, these resources are not to be reproduced by a student or trainer without prior written approval by management.

Change of Address/Personal Details

It is important to advise All Health Training if you have changed your personal details in any way. Please ask your trainer for a Student Change of Personal Details Form and complete all details immediately and forward to All Health Training so that your details can be amended. This is important so we are able to contact you at any time regarding any course changes. If you wish to change your name details, original documentation need to be sighted i.e. marriage certificate/deed poll details.

Student Deferment/Withdrawal

If you wish to defer or withdraw from the course for any reason it is essential that you notify All Health Training to obtain the Student Withdrawal/Deferment Form. All Health Training will amend your course records and will generate a student results transcript.

Student Attendance

It is a requirement that students attend a minimum of 80% of the face-to-face component of the course program unless Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer has been granted. If a student misses two (2) consecutive classes or has consistently poor attendance you will be required to attend a meeting with All Health Training to discuss further and may result in All Health Training withdrawing you from the course.

Police Checks

Police checks may be required prior to the commencement of a particular course. For example students may not be able to carry out their placement at an Aged Care facility without a National Criminal Records Check. Please speak with our Student Administrator if you wish us to organise this check on your behalf for an additional fee of $15.

 All our trainers are required to have a Police Check & Working with Children’s Check.

 National Recognition, Recognition of Prior Learning & Credit Transfer

•  National Recognition - is the recognition of previous study for the same or similar module/unit
•  Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) - is a means of measuring skills acquired through work or life experiences or through qualifications obtained from formal studies or training.
•  Credit Transfer - is the recognition of previous study for the same module/unit by other nationally registered training organisations. Credit transfers will be awarded for all successfully completed competencies/modules in the same course that you are enrolled in at All Health Training.

How will it help you?
If your application is successful you may be able to finish your course earlier or reduce your study load.

How do you apply?
• Discuss your RPL/Credit Transfer potential with the Course Coordinator.
• Read the copy of the course outline carefully and match your prior learning to module/competency outcomes.
• Obtain evidence to support your application, which may include examples of work documents, evidence of workplace based education.

You may be requested to attend an interview with the Course Coordinator to decide your application on the basis of whether the evidence is valid, current, sufficient & authentic. You will be questioned about your previous work experience, training, education, hobbies and interests. Where appropriate you will be advised that a challenge test/practical assessment or other means of assessment may be required, to demonstrate your skills and capabilities against the learning outcomes. After the interview you will be advised of the outcome in writing.

Your request will either be:
Granted: Application accepted and prior learning recognised. Study requirements may be reduced if this decision is made. The Course Coordinator will consult with you to determine adjustments to the study program/training plan.
Request for partial exemption granted: Your prior learning does not totally match the module/competency content in the course. If granted, the course timetable will be adapted accordingly to meet your RPL/ Credit Transfer exemptions.
Request denied: Your prior learning has not been recognised as relevant to the course. The usual study guide requirements of the course must be completed.

What does it cost?

There is a cost of $75 per unit of competence for Recognition of Prior Learning.  Credit Transfers attract no fee.

How will you know if your Application has been successful?

You will be advised by email that RPL/Credit Transfer has be recognised.

Who do you speak to for more information?

Contact our student administrator for further information.

RPL/Credit Transfer Appeal Process

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the CT/RPL process please first discuss your reasons with our student administrator who will ensure the file is reviewed by our CEO.

Course Information

The course structure and content will be explained at information sessions or on induction to the program. Course materials and program timetables will be handed out at the commencement of each course.

The course is presented in a variety of learning modes, including:
•  Lectures                           • Research
•  Assignments                   • Practical, hands-on
•  Self-paced learning

Skills required for effective learning include: note taking, reading, researching texts and other publications, referencing, computer and Internet use for research purposes. The ability to study and reinforce learning is an important success factor in completing the course.

Submission of work

When handing in your assignment/class work, please ensure that your name, appear on every page. Assignments must be handed in by the due date and time. Extensions will only be considered with agreement with you trainer. Assignments are to be handed in (with designated Assignment Cover Sheet) to your trainer. It is the responsibility of all students to keep a copy of their assignment in case the original is lost or damaged. Assignments must be neat and presented appropriately in a plastic cover. Do not use display books (display books make it time consuming and difficult for assessors to mark work and to make helpful comments.


Assessment is the process used to determine whether students can demonstrate competency (ability) against a pre-determined set of measures (assessment methods). Each module/competency will be assessed progressively throughout each course. All Health Training will utilise a variety of methods depending on the needs of the student and the requirement of the course. These may include:
•  Review of portfolio of evidence
•  Written/oral tasks
•  Role play
•  Class group or individual presentations;
•  Quiz in the classroom or laboratory; and/or
•  Clinical placement observation, or in some courses, workplace observation

Students will be assessed as Competent or Not Competent for each module completed. Failure to achieve competency in any module may require a student to re-submit an assignment or another form of assessment designated by teaching staff responsible for the delivery of the particular module. Students will be given extra tuition if required at All Health Training discretion.

Cheating & Plagiarism

Plagiarism is “the act of appropriating the literary composition of another author, or excerpts, ideas, or passages therefrom, and passing the material off as one’s own creation.” This includes work that has been copied entirely or partly from other sources without acknowledgement.

Students are asked to sign a “Student Declaration of Originality” on each Assignment Cover sheet.

Cheating during an exam or assessment means breaking an examination rule, which will be outlined by the trainer at the beginning of the exam/assessment. Cheating may include:-
* having access to unauthorised written notes or equipment during an exam/assessment;
* communicating with others during the exam/assessment; or
* copying or reading someone else’s work during the exam/assessment

A student found guilty of cheating or plagiarism will be subject to re-submit and re-attend entire unit of competency at the student’s cost.

Re-submission of Work & Re-sit of Exams

Students will be assessed as Competent or Not Competent for each module completed. Failure to achieve competency in any module may require a student to re-submit an assignment or another form of assessment designated by your trainer. Students will be given extra tuition if required at your trainers’ discretion.

Any submitted work which achieves a Not Yet Competent (NYC) result must be re-submitted for marking within 2 weeks of receiving that result. The re-submitted work must have a new coversheet and the original work.

Should you miss your final exam for any reason you must contact your trainer in the first instance for an alternative date and time to be arranged.

Statements of Results

Students will receive a final transcript of results on successful completion of the course at no additional cost. Results will be withheld if there are any outstanding fees. Once any outstanding financial commitments to All Health Training are paid you will be able to have your final student transcript and attainment certificates.

Should you withdraw from the course prior to completing the qualification, you are entitled at no additional cost, to a formal Statement of Attainment, provided you have paid in full for the tuition relating to the units of competency to be shown on the Statement of Attainment.

Complaints and Appeals Procedure

All Health Training has a procedure for complaints and appeals. If you wish to make a formal complaint, please request the appropriate forms. All complaints and appeals are taken seriously and will be dealt with appropriately in a timely manner and kept confidential.

Student Welfare & Guidance Information

Returning to study can raise issues that can cause stress and anxiety to an individual. Issues related to your course or studies should be directed to your trainer. For other personal matters the following list can assist you to find a resource that may help.

- Any medical problems or personal problems – please see your GP who will refer you to an appropriate Health Specialist
- Lifeline Ph: 13 1114
- Wages Issues – Call Wageline Victoria 1300 363 264
- Workplace Violence and Harassment - “Freestart” Ph: 9637 2791
- Local Welfare Agencies can be accessed via your local Council website
- All Health Training are available to provide extra tutorial and counselling support as needed.

State Legislative and Regulatory Requirements

All Health Training complies with State Legislation relating to the delivery of vocational education and training. Information about the relevant legislation can be accessed via the internet, including amendments issued from time to time

     OH&S standards and codes of practice
     Equal Opportunity Act
     National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011
     Aged Care Act 1997
     Department of Human Services
     Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development


All Health Training will maintain confidentiality of student records in line with the requirements of the National Privacy Principles.

Access to Records

Students can access their own personal information and records by contacting All Health Training in writing or in person.

Course Evaluations

As part of All Health Training’s continuous improvement process we will carry out course evaluations both during and at the conclusion of the course. These evaluations will assist us to improve process, delivery, training and content. Results will be analysed and tabled for review and outcomes implemented. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services please contact All Health Training management.

In addition to our own evaluations, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research requires all students to complete a student feedback survey, which is collated every year, and results submitted to NCVER and a copy made available on our website.


All Health Training is committed to the success of each and every student who is enrolled in its training programs. It is our intention to provide a positive learning environment with a high level of individual support to ensure that students are well prepared for their chosen career.