Government Subsidised Training – FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions on Government Funding

We are often asked the same kind of questions about eligibility and would like to share some of the Frequently Asked Questions to help you determine if you are eligible for government funding and what the impact may be in completing a specific course. Please see below for the eligibility criteria, but feel free to call us for a further discussion on your individual circumstances.

Q: I have not completed or enrolled in any government funded training before and I am looking at enrolling in a Cert IV qualification. What is the impact of this decision?

A: Students are entitled to complete 2 qualifications at each level (in one year and in their lifetime) but also need to meet the “upskilling” requirement, so once you have completed a Cert IV, you will not be eligible for any Cert III qualifications or any further Cert IV courses.

Q: I am undertaking a Cert III qualification at another training organisation and will complete it before I start a Cert III at All Health Training. Am I still eligible for funding with AHT?

A: No. If you have completed your qualification at your class commencement with AHT you are not eligible for funding at the Cert III level as you will already hold a qualification at the same level and therefore not be upskilling.

Q: If I complete one Cert III at AHT am I eligible for further funding at Cert III level?

A: Yes and No! If you commence another course before you have completed the course at AHT you would be eligible. However, once you finish the qualification you are no longer eligible at Cert III level, but you would be if you enrolled in a Cert IV or higher.

Q: I completed a qualification many years ago before they were called Cert III or Cert IV’s. Does that mean that I am eligible for all courses now?

A: We would need to sight your old qualification and determine current equivalency. Call the office to discuss your circumstances further.

Q: I was a Fee for Service student when I completed my Cert III qualification, does that mean that I am eligible for funding now?

A: If you are applying for a Cert III qualification, you would not be eligible as you are not upskilling, however you would be eligible at a Cert IV or higher level.

Q: I am in Australia on a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457), am I eligible for government funding?

A: An individual must be able to prove their citizenship/residency status showing that they are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen.

Q: Are you a VET Student Loan Approved Provider?

A: No we are not! Our student fees are reasonable and we believe that with our payment plan option available that fees can be paid off without incurring the fees associated with this scheme.


Government Funding Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for a government subsidised training place if you:
Meet one of the following citizen/residency status:

  • Australian citizen
  • Australian Permanent Resident (holder of a permanent visa)
  • New Zealand citizen

and are any of the following:

  • a person under 20 years as at 1st January 2020; or
  • an applicant seeking a higher qualification than the highest qualification already held

In addition to the requirements above, an individual is only eligible to:
a) Commence a maximum of two (2) government subsidised courses in a calendar year.
b) Undertake a maximum of two (2) government subsidised courses at any one time
c) Commence a maximum of two (2) government subsidised courses at the same level in their lifetime.