Oral and Dental Care

Oral and Dental Care



As society ages, maintaining oral hygiene so that food can be chewed well and enjoyed is very important in terms of quality of life. Recently, oral care for the elderly has become a topic of increasing interest, yet many dependent elderly have difficulty brushing their own teeth. Moreover, since it is not easy for family members or caregivers to clean another person's teeth, the teeth of dependent elderly who cannot brush themselves are often simply left unclean. We are now coming to a better understanding of how foreign bodies and bacteria in the mouth are related to aspiration pneumonia, and endocarditis, as well as the effects of mastication on senility and dementia


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Content & Delivery


This workshop covers the following:

  • providing standard protective oral hygiene, including proper brushing, preventing gum disease and reducing tooth decay and ulcers;
  • care, removal and cleaning of dentures;
  • responding to dry mouth (Xerostomia) – a side effect of some medications;
  • brushing techniques for residents with challenging behaviour, perhaps as a result of dementia, who may refuse to have their faces touched, bite the toothbrush or are unable to rinse;
  • helpful oral desensitization techniques to help aged care workers relax the resident to allow brushing;
  • distraction techniques especially for people with dementia, which will allow aged care workers, to brush the resident’s teeth; and
  • dental care for people at the palliative stage.

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This workshop is delivered in the classroom over a two hour duration.



Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to confidently demonstrate knowledge of subject matter and will receive a Statement of Attendance for Professional Development within 10 business days.


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