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Helen's Career Change Journey

4 Jul 2017


"My name is Helen and I had worked in childcare for 15 years. As my body was slowly falling apart, I felt it was time for a career change. As I love to look after people, I always wanted to work in the health sector, so I decided to make a few calls and looked into Pathology Collecting.

I found a school called “All Health Training” in Blackburn. I spoke to Maryse, the receptionist who invited me in and showed me around. Maryse actually helped me make up my mind. I am a very nervous person and I knew that I would be nervous during my course, being so different to what I have been doing for so long.

I had mentioned numerous times that I was thinking of pulling the pin because of self-doubt, but now I know I should not have doubted myself. I put in a lot of hours and hard work in the six months I was there.

I am so glad that I stuck it out and completed the course. One month after completing, I now have a job and am so grateful to Maryse and all the teachers, my colleagues for their support throughout the course. I have made many friends and still keep in touch with them.

Thanks again to “All health Training” for their great training!!"

- Helen, AHT Pathology Alumni


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All Health Training aims to provide professional, accredited and accessible registered training courses in Aged Care, Health Services and Pathology at simulated learning environment styled classrooms in Blackburn, Preston and Narre Warren.